Foundation of the church


More than two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ, Son of God, appeared on the earth to fulfill the purpose established by God, his Father. This purpose was conceived and planned since before the foundation of this world: God had determined that Jesus Christ make known the message of salvation, forming the foundations of Christianity.

The Christian religion established by Jesus Christ emphasized on the love towards the neighbor as well as the enemy, in the forgiveness of any offense and the reconciliation with a friend, in avoiding to take justice into their own hands, waiting for justice from God, in dedicating the time to prayer, to have faith, hope, love and gratitude, the capacity to forgive and to love, inviting the first believers to share everything they had with each other, and to love God and Jesus Christ above all things.

By offering a chance of life because it created the expectations and realities of a new form of conceiving and practicing it, Christianity began to spread through ancient Asia, from Galilee to Judea, passing, undoubtedly, thru Samaria reaching regions such as Pontus, Galatia, Macedonia and Greece. But in the absence of the APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY in the last of the Apostles from the first century of this era, Christians began to corrupt the norms established by Jesus Christ. The church founded by the Master of Nazareth lost its presence in the face of the Earth until the time set forth by God.