The foundation and founder of our church is Jesus Christ. The church was founded by him over two thousand years ago. The characteristics of the church of that time are written in the book of Acts, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and in the other epistles of the Apostles Paul and Peter. From approximately the 100th year of the Christian era the Church described in the above mentioned books disappears from the face the earth, until a time defined by God but unknown to man.

It is on April 6, 1926, when God calls to his Apostolate, brother Aaron Joaquin Gonzalez to restore the Church that Christ had founded and to begin fulfilling its mission. God's calling came to brother Aaron while he was in the militia in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

While brother Aaron (God still had not changed his name from Eusebio to Aaron). slept he heard a firm and strong voice that said to him, "Here is a man whose name shall be Aaron!" He sat up with fear and desperation and asked his wife, "Dear, did you hear that voice like thunder in the sky?" The sister responded negatively. Then, brother Aaron tried to recover his sleep. Suddenly, when he was beginning to fall asleep again, a shining light illuminated the space where he slept and, in clarity, there was a vision.

It was a huge hand and with its index finger pointed directly to brother Aaron. And, once again, the emphatic and firm voice was heard once again, saying, "Your name shall be Aaron!" Upon hearing the voice and seeing the index finger pointing towards him, brother Aaron began to ask himself if God had a mission for him. At once he closed his eyes for an instant while meditating in the voice he had heard and in the manifested vision. Upon opening his eyes, he stared intensely at the ceiling, he noticed a hole that was opening more, little by little and, once again, he saw another mission, destined by God to him, "Your name shall be Aaron, I will make it notorious throughout the world and it will be of blessing!"

Days later, God manifested himself again to make give him an order. The order in question would lead him to the city of Guadalajara, where he arrived on December 12, establishing the headquarters of the Church by God's decree, in this place.

Under the apostolic administration of brother Aaron Joaquin Gonzalez, the church was established in the following states and cities of Mexico: Aguascalientes in Aguascalientes; Mexicali and Tijuana in Northern Baja California; Boquilla de las Perlas, Ciudad Madero, Derramadero, la Rosia de San Pedro, Matamoros, San Pedro de las Colonias and Torreonin Coahuila; Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua; Manzanillo in Colima; in the suburb of San Felipe and the suburb of Vallejo in the capital of Mexico; the capital of Durango; Acambay, Maravillas, Mayorazgo, San Pedro de los Banos, Totoltepec, in the State of Mexico; Acapulco in Guerrero; the capital of Guanajuato; Magdalena, Ocotlan, as well as the suburb of Hermosa Provincia, 12 de Octubre and Guadalajara in Jalisco.

The church was also established in the following states of the Republic, under the apostolic administration of brother Aaron Joaquin Gonzalez. In Apatzingan, Buenos Aires, El Litigo, La Estancia, Uruapan, and Zamora in Michoacan; Morelos, Cuautla, Cuernavaca, El Higueron, Puente de Ixtla, Santa Fe and Zacatepec in Morelos; 2 de Abril and Nino Artillero, two suburbs of Monterrey, in Nuevo Leon; Ahualamo, Jalcocotan, La Labor, Lamedero, Pajaritos, Santa Maria del Oro, Santiago Ixcuintla, and in Tepic the suburbs of Heriberto Casas and Hermosa Provincia, as well as Tuxpan, El Yago and Zacualpan in Nayarit.

Besides the previous places, there was church in the following places, in Joliet and Palomares in Oaxaca; Atilixco, El Seco, Izucar de Matamoros, Negrete, Rio Valente, San Juan Acozac, San Simon de Bravo, Santo Nombre, Soltepec, Tecali, Tehuacan, Tepeaca, Zacapoaxtla, Ejido, Comaltepec, Ejido el Molino, Ejido Francisco I. Madero, Ejido Las Lomas as well as in the capital in Puebla; La Dulce Grande in San Luis Potosi; Culiacan and Mazatlan in Sinaloa; Ciudad Obregon, Guaymas, Hermosillo and Empalme in Sonora; Ciudad Madero, Ciudad Mante, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, and Tampico in Tamaulipas; Cordoba, in the suburb of Mexico, the suburb of Palo Solo, El Limon, El Nacimiento, Jalapa, Nogales, Ojo Zarco, Orizaba, Plan de las Hayas, Potrero, Tierra Blanca, and Veracruz, Veracruz; and finally the church also became established in Calera and Piedra Godra in Zacatecas.

Outside of the country the church was established in Los Angeles, California in San Antonio Texas in the United States, In San Salvador in the cities of Cojutepeque, El Salvador and San Miguel. In San Jose (although they were only listeners here), Costa Rica and in El Cerro del Gobernador in Honduras.

On June 9, 1964, God calls his Apostle the the eternal sleep. That same day, under the same authority from God, brother Samuel Joaquin Flores is called to his Apostolate to guide the church from that day forward.

Of all the men God had sent to the earth to guide his people, to whom he has called Apostles, none has done the work of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, brother Samuel. In his humbleness the Apostle of Jesus Christ has always respected the work and teachings of the other Apostles, but clearly none of them, not even the Apostle Paul, achieved what he has accomplished.

At forty years of apostolic administration he has achieved to establish the church in 35 nations. Not counting the three countries conquered by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, brother Aaron Joaquin, brother Samuel Joaquin has conquered 32 nations. Although, to be honest, the work of brother Aaron, established only about three churches in El Salvador, one in Honduras and only began the work in the United States, in San Antonio and Los Angeles to be exact. So, the more than 100 churches in El Salvador, la more than 100 churches in the United States and another couple more in Honduras or Costa Rica are work of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, our brother, Samuel Joaquin.

At forty years of apostolic administration, the Apostle of Jesus Christ has more than 1500 collaborators in the 35 countries where the church is present. The Apostle Paul had close to 20 collaborators to care for the church established in the beginning years of the Christian era. During those years, in the beginning of the Christian era, they were unable to establish places of worship. The Apostle of Jesus Christ, brother Samuel, has promoted the construction of more than 1000 temples, majestic temples, built for the glory of God since the beginning of his administration. Thirteen letters were written by the Apostle Paul. The Apostle of Jesus Christ, brother Samuel Joaquin, has written, over the past forty years of leadership and governance of the church, close to one thousand letters to the Church and another couple of letters to the ministers and members of the Church.

In all of the Church history, from the time it was founded by Jesus Christ more than two thousand years ago, there had never been internal organization and administration as there is today. The Ministries, Directions, Commissions, the administrative duties, everything, absolutely every thing, has been established by the Apostle of Jesus Christ. The international dimension, is, a distinctive adjective that he has established to the church.

The above mentioned numbers speak for themselves, they reflect the enormous work done by the Apostle of Jesus Christ. You could even count the number of hours that have elapsed since June 9, 1964 (305,400 hours) or the days since then (14,600), or you could quantify the exact number of apostolic letters or the churches with their missions.

The level at which the Apostle of Jesus Christ has put us before society, politicians, to officials and to the government has also required of a lot of work. Today, the Church is respected socially, for its efforts; today, the Church is requested to issue an opinion on this or that topic; today, some politicians consider it a joy to be invited to events around the Apostle of Jesus Christ, whether it be religious or civic; today, the Church is known in many parts of the world for its dedication, efforts, organization and direction of the Messenger of God.

It has been forty years in which the spiritual table has been served, tasting the spiritual food prepared by the Apostle of Jesus Christ; it has been forty years in which we have received the spiritual light that has illuminated our ways; it has been forty years in which our fragile being, time and time again, has been strengthened by the love emanating by the apostolic heart.

During this time, we have known the unknown God; He, whom many worship through an image, without knowing him, is the one that we know worship and know. During these forty years, it is in the true God, the Spirit, the one that has no beginning and no end, in whom we live and move, and who we are, because he has brought us to these levels, the presence of the Apostle of Jesus Christ.

It is the Apostolic Authority infused in our souls, grounded, rooted in our being, which shortens distances, reduces time, brings closer our spiritual being to the perfect model, keeps us with spiritual life, gives meaning to our lives, forgives us of our offenses, makes us better christians and better citizens through the preachings, makes us reflect on the brevity of life, gives us a beautiful, unique hope...that will join us with Christ in the clouds to reign with Him for eternity.


Source: www.lldm.org


Hermosa Provincia
Hermosa Provincia,
Guadalajara, Jalisco